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My Creative Thoughts Journal

Your journal is your sacred place. Here you can capture and foster your most creative thoughts and inspired ideas. 160 of the finest minds and biggest hearts in the world of empowerment come together in this book to encourage you daily to realize your greatest vision.

My Creative thoughts features top experts includin
g, Dr. Cathy Greenberg, NY Times Bestseller, Rick Frishman, literary publicist and publisher, Marcia Wieder, Founder and CEO of Dream University and Marshall Goldsmith, World Leadership Expert.

“Dreams that are the expression of your purpose and your mission are usually the most profound. We could say that standing in your purpose is where the quality of your dreams and the quality of your life will change."
Marcia Wieder
~Contributor, Founder and CEO of Dream University

There is so much power in the written word. Capture yours here for your personal enrichment, and share this book with others to encourage their greatness.

About the Publisher:

Viki Winterton is founder of Expert Insights Publishing, home of best-selling and award-winning books and magazines, where visionaries and those on the rise come together to create immediate impact.

Expert Insights Publishing is built on the solid foundation of over 25 years of expertise in promotion, publishing, product development, networking, and success. Fortune 100 companies and individuals across the globe know Viki for fostering powerful and loyal relationships and supporting her communities in wildly creative, unique, and wonderful ways.

Viki is also a multiple #1 International Best-Selling Author and Award-Winning Publisher, founder of Bestselling Authors International Organization, Write Now! broadcast and Write Away, Write Now!, the global community where writers find everything they need at each stage of their journey!

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