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The Top Literary Experts in This Issue:
Reid  Tracy, CEO, Hay House Publishing
Kara Deringer, Chill
Gregg Braden Interviewed by Debbi Dachinger, The Turning Point
Demitri Makeig & Diana Kendros, Saving a Life: The Courage to Thrive
Bonnie Lawrence, The Spirit Knows
Susan McGovern, Collaborate and Transform the World
Fran Shaw, Lord Have Murphy
Donna Goode, The Soul of a D.I.V..A.
Stacey O'Byrne, Pivot Point Advantage
Chong Kee Tan, Distribution of Wealth
Carol McMahon, From the Inside Out
Cinder Ernst, Learn to Love Your Body
Christine Kloser and Co-Authors, Pebbles in the Pond, Wave 5
Cher Slater Barlevi, Dog of God: The Novel
Andrea Lard, Defining Your Purpose                
Kalynn Amadio, The Boomer's Ultimate Guide to Media Marketing
Tania Jedian, Finding Inner Happiness
Jennefer Witter Interviewed by Jennifer Wilkov, Little Book of Big PR
Jennifer S. Wilkov, Do I Really Need a Publicist to Promote My Book?
Kathleen Stapleton, Be the Captain of Your Financial Ship
Ellen Violette, How to Become a Best-Selling Author in ½ Hour       
Carrie Stepp, The Angel in the Garden
Sheila Kennedy, Choices to Changes
Therra Weinberg, The Law of Attraction Freaking Works
Leeza and Matt Sipek, American Owner Builder
Randall Bell, Me We Do Be
John Luckey, In Search of a Quantum God
Karyn Garvin, Separation Anxiety Versus Containment Phobia
Russell Lanier, Waiting To Die, Longing To Love
Jill Hendrickson, Supercharge Your Success
Lynda Dyer, You Can Make It Happen Now
Jim White, What’s My Purpose
Lisa Van Allen with Louise Crooks, Boundless Abundance
Linda Gunther, Ten Steps From the Hotel Inglaterra
Tom Bird, Write Right From God
Pip McKay, The 8 Principles of Achievement, Love and Happiness
Sherry Buffington, The 7 Essentials for Lasting Success
Mark Villareal, Shortcuts Get You Lost
Kaarin Alisa, Journey of a Prophet
CP Seibt, The New Nomads
Debbie Lamb Turner, The Path That Beckons
Kathleen Grace, Prince Not So Charming
Brian Whetten, Yes Yes Hell No!
Christopher Van Buren, Launch Moxie
Doug Foresta, Empower Radio
Steve Hayes, Put Yourself Out There
Veera Mahajan, Unreported
Carrie Greene, Because You’re Worth It
Andreas A. Jones, Business Leader Combat
Peter Nicado, The Winner’s Mindset
Linda Kroll,  Compassionate Mediation®
David Steel, Destiny’s Dream
Klara Gubacs, Winning Mindset
Helena Steiner-Hornsteyn,  The White Light
Kyle L.B. Morey, Ask God
Alka Dhillon, The OM Factor
Debbi Dachinger and Viki Winterton, PR Magnet
Kevin Bard, The Retirement Umbrella
Dr. Betty Uribe, #Values
Chris Perry, The Official Guide to Home Inspections
Stephanie Raffelock interviewed by Sharon Sayler, Surrender
Meet the Bestselling Authors International Book Review Board.

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