Wounded? Survive! Thrive!!!

This book is a powerfully inspirational collection of life stories from successful women who have been through the darkest of days and found the strength to push through and create the life of their dreams.

These amazing women from across the globe divulge their harrowing personal stories on physical, emotional and verbal abuse, life-threatening health conditions, sexual assault, betrayal and abandonment. They confide their deepest fears and lowest moments and reveal how they eventually tapped into the courage and wisdom they never knew they had.  Now they THRIVE!

"I have honestly never read such a collection of heart-wrenching journeys from turbulent tormented tale to triumphant victories. I don't know anyone who wouldn't benefit from reading such inspiring true stories. This is a once in a lifetime treasure! These women are so powerful and their lives are shouts of encouragement for all of us to learn from, grow from, and take as fuel to spur us on toward claiming our own victories!"  Spence

"What an amazing group of women telling some often tragic tales of wounding yet surviving. Wounded, Survive, Thrive is a book that loves women."  Nicola Grace

"This is an informative, inside look at these women's lives - a no-holds bar look. They appeared to have been crushed by being wounded, they learned to survive and now they Thrive. What a tribute to the human spirit."  Carole

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