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PUBLISHED! Magazine is a unique blending of exclusive interviews and powerful features from authors and publishing professionals sharing their success secrets, treasured resources and the defining moments in their lives

PUBLISHED! provides writers the essential information and tools to help propel fulfillment and profit, and success stories to move and motivate.  Reserve your very own full color presence and run with the best in this groundbreaking magazine.  Grow and innovate as you promote your  services and products. Whether your business is large, or small, or just starting out, we can help you to reach out and connect with our readers as your po­tential new clients of fellow professionals, writers, speakers, coaches  and individuals seeking your insights, products and services.  In addition to our circulation, our experts promote to their following to explode the readership numbers into the 100,000s+ to increase your visibility and influence in the most powerful way! 

Our spaces are limited and in full color so you’ll be able to grab attention and make a lasting impression within seconds. Following the lead of such outstanding publications as TIME and Vanity Fair, PUBLISHED! showcases multiple covers each issue. When you use your space to keep company with the finest,  your recognition factor is given a major boost. Advertising rates are affordable and  flexible, so there is a way you can promote with the best at a level that is comfortable for you.   It will be a joy to have you as part of the PUBLISHED! Magazine, and help you to thrive.

Deadline: PUBLISHED Magazine is published bi-yearly in June and November.  Copy and artwork due the 15th of the month preceding publication date. 

Your PUBLISHED!  ad will be available to readers Online, in Flip book, for Download, in Perfect Bound Print, on Amazon Kindle and by iPad!

1/2 Page Sample

Size and FrequencyDisplayBleed1 X      
4 X
Back Cover
7 1/4 X 9 3/48 1/2 X 11 $3295
Inside Back Cover
7 1/4 X 9 3/48 1/2 X 11$2695
Full Page
7 1/4 X 9 3/48 1/2 X 11$2095$1750
1/2 Page (Horizontal)7 1/4 X 4 3/4
8 1/2 X 5 3/8
Expert Resource Listing
3 1/2” X 2”No Bleed

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